Need Help setting up Openfire with HAPROXY

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to set an Openfire cluster of 2 nodes (Both using 3.10.2 version of openfire).

One running on and other on and both using Mysql DB as a common DB which is running on

I have installed Haproxy on machine with ip using apt -get install haproxy and trying to configure it for load balancing.

Where I am stuck is the place to configure the frontend.

The Objective of the application is to send the push notifications to the mobile (android) and also on to the internal web portal.

For now I am not testing with the actual portal and android but trying to do it locally on my machine (ip-

How do I set the frontend and backend in the haproxy config file.

Please pardon if the question seem too basic as I am newbie in this stuff.

I would really appreciate any advise or suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.