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Need help to configure server to server connection

Hi all,

I have insatalled Wildfire 2.6.1 on two servers in my network at same location. The XMPP domain name of first server is “chat.smartex.com” and another server having “chat1.smartex.com”. I tried to make communication between these two servers but didn`t get through.

please help me out to perform this task (tell me if any user guide available)

sorry for my bad english

best regards,


Hi Sach,

you may first enable the debug log and then shutdown both servers, delete / rename the existing log files and start both servers. There should be no errors in the log files after startup and you should see one when you login and want to connect to server2.

Did you set up DNS records for both servers?

Are you using a local Win2003 or linux firewall which blocks port 5269?

Is Wifi configured to allow s2s connections?

You may want to try s2s-connections without encryption and compression first, just to make sure that s2s is running fine. Creating new certificates and using TLS or compression for s2s makes this more complex and much harder to debug.