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Need help to create groups and assigned user to that group

HI All,

Thanks in advance. i want to create a group (user group) and assigned user to that group.(the way we are creating User/group in the web frontend).

Please let me know which API i can use for creating group and assigned to the user.



I hope this will help,

First time you have to create new user like Aaa, Bbb & Ccc in User/Groups-Users-Create New User. For practice just put a simple username.

After that create new group in User/Groups-Users-Create New Group. For example group for Admin, Finance and Logistic

Go to Group Summary and click Admin and go to Members of This Group and type Aaa then click “add”. User Aaa should be on the list below.

then choose “Enable Contact List Group Sharing”, type admin in Enter contact list group name ****and mark “Share group with additional users” and “all users”

Save Contact List Setting.

Restart Openfire service, and all Groups and Assigned User to that group will automatically showing on Spark or Pandion


Ary M.

Sorry , this would be creating users/group using web application, I want to create users/groups using smack API .

Please let me know if anyone know that. Thanks in advance

Hi All,

I am looking for the same create shared group API as well. What i am trying to achieve here is that , I want to create a new shared group and add users (For Example : 2 users) to that group. When both users login they should see the other user in their contact list with their presence information. Is there different way to achieve the same ? Because i dont see an API in smack for creating a shared group. Could you guys help me with some sample code.

Thanks in advance,