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Need help to install asmack 4.0rc2 to Android ADT on Window

I am a newbie here, just started with android development and (a)smack.

I downloaded src code from http://asmack.freakempire.de/4.0.0-rc1/

But I can not compile it and install it onto the Android IDE of Window.

Could any guru here shed some light?


Add the aSmack jar to your libs folder. You don’t need to compile a smack. And make sure to follow the instructions from aSmack’s README.

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Thank you. That works! Just download the jar file from asmack and put it directly into the libs directory of the Android project. It’s beautifully simple

BTW, I also made the (a)smack compiled in Android IDE;

  • new Android project (without creating Actviity) ==> named it as ‘mysmack’

  • Set ‘is library’ under ‘properties => Android’ (by right click on ‘mysmack’)

  • download and unzip the src of asmack into mysmack\src

  • Now try to build all, but found some dependency on org.xbill.dns.

  • So down the org.xbill.dns_2.1.6.jar from ‘http://www.dnsjava.org/download/

  • Add it into the libs of mysmack.

  • Build all ===> mysmack\bins\mysmack.jar