Need help to setup jabber server with DynDNS

Currently I’ve been successfully setup my Openfire server on my machine.

And i can login thru the client (PSI)
But I only can login via client on my LAN only.
Can u guide me to setup the server which can make it accessible from outside my LAN?
I’ve try to use DynDNS, but i still cannot login from outside.

I want to make other people login to the server form their place.
My IP is Dynamic.
I’m using Openfire 3.4.1.and i’m using adsl modem/router linksys AM300 which have DDNs feature.
My OS is : Windows XP professional sp2

my Client is : PSI version 0.12

My domain is:

The username for the people should be:

Please guide me step by step including the port forwarding…etc.

Please…I really need ur help.


please find attachment for my server details.

Now…i can access my server from outside.

i can access my server with this:

But the client still cannot login.

I also cannot login from LAN with the id:<

when i try to login, i got the error :

But if i’m using my server’s ‘Computer Name’ (not the IP) with the id: <someone@myserver’scomputername>, i can successfully login.

i’m using PSI as my client.

please…somebody help me.


what did you specify as xmpp.domain (see http://foo:9090/server-properties.jsp)? This must be

Open access to port 5222 (see Server Ports in the JPEG you did upload) - “The standard port for clients to connect to the server. Connections may or may not be encrypted. You can update the security settings for this port.” And this is the only port you need to open, unless you want to allow your users s2s connections to other servers.

You may want to block access to :9090 and 9091 from the internet - it’s only needed to access the Web Gui.