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Need help, what does this error means, please help

Hi, I debug my app, but the server is sendinfg me an error tag with error can not found remote server an din the openfire logs it show this

Error trying to connect to remote server: goseta(DNS lookup: goseta:5269)

what thats mean, please help!!! thanks

Hola Juan,

It means that the server is trying to connect to some other remote server to deliver the packet that the client sent and that operation is failing. The reason why Openfire is trying a server-2-server operation is that the domain that the client specified in the TO attribute of the packet is not the same of the Openfire server. For instance, if your XMPP domain is miservidor.com and in the TO attribute of the packet sent by the client you specify goseta then Openfire will try to find a server named goseta to deliver the packet.


– Gato

Hey, thanks dude, I have made the changes and now is working fine, thanks!!!

i realize this was resolved a long time ago, but how was it fixed exactly as this thread seems to be the only one where the use experienced the same issue i did and it got fixed…