Need Help with S2S on seperate domains

I am new to Openfire and I have an issue with trying to get server to server working in Openfire. I have followed the steps for Server to Server how to’s and am able to ping with DNS names and verified that port 5269 works. I still have no remote server sessions.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you

Did you create the DNS srv records for each xmpp domain? If not, you’ll need to do that!

Yes, I added a dns record of and to my DNS on my domain controller and am able to ping both from the CentOS server. I am running CentOS on one and Windows on the other. Will different domains collide with each other?


SRV records are not the same as A records. Although you will need an A record too. You’ll need to create the following SRV records. Think of this like MX records used for email.

So look at your full JID. the right of @ is your xmpp domain. if its, than you’ll create and A record…like, Then you’ll create the SRV record that points the servers to the A record.

for example your SRV record would looke something like this. 7200 IN SRV 5269

Looks like that worked. Thank you so much!