Need OpenFire / Kraken IM / Linux Expert -- willing to pay


I’m from Germany and I have a new OpenFire instance running on a linux environment. Also the Kraken IM Gateway plugin was installed.

I need some help (we’re OpenFire newbies), and we’re willing to pay you.

We need:

  1. OpenFire configured, so that the IM Accounts that we add on Kraken IM Gateway stay online. The standalone application {OpenFire} should be able to keep our IM Accounts online by itself. Even when our PHP Script is not running, XMPP should be kept online by OpenFire.

  2. If the server is down, after the server is up again, it should reconnect to the IM accounts.

  3. We need some examples for our programmers how to communicate from our Website > OpenFire. We found only this:, but in their code example the php script always connects new to the IM Account for each message {$conn = new XMPP(‘’, 5222, ‘username’, ‘password’, ‘xmpphp’, ‘’, $printlog=False, $loglevel=LOGGING_INFO);} …and that can lead to issues – i.e. MSN IM account switches offline and online 30 times within 40 seconds for the delivery of 30 messages to recipient group x. Well, after x reconnects, MSN blocks us for a time… and we can’t have that. We need our application to running very stable

We’ve got:

  • OpenFire installed and running

  • A managed cloud server

  • No root access

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Hello Moritz,

You need either an external or an internal Openfire client bot. I prefer an internal bot that runs as an Openfire plugin mainly because plugins have direct access to Openfire API. Openfire fires up all its plugins everytime it starts. You may choose something like Botz: Internal Bot Library for Openfire to start with.

By the way, you may want to use Spectrum instead of Kraken. See Kraken replacement: Spectrum integration to Openfire.

And thanks for the invitation in oDesk. Please PM or email me ( I would love to explore further.