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Need QQ or Wechat plugin


You can post in Chinese, but you will get more attention posting in English. I’m not aware of wechat plugins, but i think Kraken plugin had support for qq transpory. But it hasn’t been updated in many years and may not work anymore. You can find and try it in Plugins menu.

Thank you for your reply. I’m talking about groups, group chatting, not rooms.

How can it be a group chat without rooms? If you want a group of people to see same messages, you need to have some kind of environment like room to store all the history. Anyway, as i have told you, there is a Kraken plugin, which has QQ transport, which should allow you to login to QQ account and reach QQ contacts from Spark or other XMPP client which supports transports. But it might not work as Kraken hasn’t been updated for many years. I’m not aware of any Wechat plugin available for Openfire.