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Need Some Help - New User here

We are running OpenFire 3.5 This was set up by a prior Network Admin. I have not used this program before so am learning as I go.

My issue is when a user has their PC rebuilt, even if they log out of Exodus (client app) they will show offline in Openfire and stay that way. I have stopped and started the services with them in Active Directory (and group) and stopped and started services with them out of the group that is for Openfire. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Server is Windows Server 2003, client is running Windows XP SP2, with Exodus V9 as client connector app. I am attaching latest log.xml file.

Thank you in advance.

Theresa Greene
error.log.zip (4604 Bytes)
info.log.zip (42034 Bytes)
debug.log.zip (44594 Bytes)
debug_1.log.zip (42386 Bytes)
warn.log.zip (14546 Bytes)