Need support for openfire

I need someone to help me with my site. The problems I am having are as follows

I am using openfire and it runs my chat rooms. I need someone that is very familiar with how openfire works with chat rooms. I need someone that has experience working with openfire and knows how to get it working properly for my site. I am using openfire to run two of my chat rooms on two different sites.

  1. Openfire - when i access chat through my iphone and android the room is not connecting

  2. Openfire - user need to be able to chat in multiple browsers under different account Guests/registered members

  3. Openfire I use open fire on 2 of my sites and on one of them it wont connect for guests.

I need people with openfire experience. Only apply if your familiar with it.

I would be willing to pay someone to help me fix these issues