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Need to completely block external communication

Hello, I just setup OpenFire Enterprise and need it for internal communication only. How can I guarantee that my users cannot connect to another chat server and talk to people outside of our company. I do not have any of the gateway plugins installed and my clients will be using the Spark client. I appreciate any replies. Thanks. Phil


As you have not installed the Gateway plugin, your users will not be able to communicate with non-XMPP users. To make sure that users from your server can not join chatrooms of another, and to also ensure that users from another server can not join chatrooms on your server, you could disable the server to server service completely. (http://(youraddress:9090)/servertoserver-settings.jsp)

What about connecting to other jabber servers and talking to other jabber users, can that be blocked. I also see that some jabber servers have the gateways installed to connect to AIM, yahoo, etc clients. How can I prevent my users from doing that?

If you disable server to server connections and don’t install the gateway plugin your users can only talk to local users and can’t register with gateways installed on other servers.

Im still unsure about this. For example on my spark client, I clicked accounts and made a username/pwd and used jabber.org as the server. It created this for me and logged me onto that server, I could then search for other accounts on that server and talk to someone if I wanted. I need to make sure this cannot happen. Any other suggestions?

If you have access to your Firewall (assuming that there is one between your LAN and the outside world) then you could configure it to ensure that comms on ports 5222/5223/5269 etc were not permitted.

I have blocked these 3 ports, yet I can still connect to jabber.org. Im guessing if it sees that port blocked, it tries another. I know MSN messenger did this when I blocked its primary port. Any other ideas? Thanks again. Phil