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Need to determine the IP address of the Openfire server

I have a plugin that needst to determine the IP address that the Openfire server is listening on. Given a machine can have multiple IP addresses (loopback,

wireless, vpn, physical/logical, etc), I need to know the IP address

that it is really using. I was able to look at

the JiveProperties ‘listener.hostname’ property (In Openfire3.3.3 ),

but that is not available in v3.4.1. Is there a consistent way to determine this?

ALSO, are there any mock objects for Session or Connection for me to do unit tests?

Just an idea:

You could try to resolve your own IP using your DNS:

String host = XMPPServer.getInstance().getServerInfo().getName();
byte[] ip = InetAddress.getByName(host).getAddress();

The server may be listening on multiple addresses as well.