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Need to move spark openfire server from one pc to another


One of my clients uses spark for instant messaging and currently has the openfire data server running on a windows xp machine. I will be replacing this pc soon and have questions on how to move the application database to a new pc (windows 7 64 bit) or server (2008R2) if it will run on that. I have never worked with spark before so am not sure how to accomplish this. I was hoping someone could help me out with the steps to accomplish this. Thanks

That depends what server is in use. I guess it will be Openfire, from the same developers as Spark. It will run on Win7/2008R2 x64. Next you need to know what database is in use. If it is an embedded one, then you can just move the files to the new server and it will work. If it is not, you will have to dump the database, or of the database is sitting on some other server, just point it to that server on the new Openfire server. Check the Openfire installation folder and if it has “embedded-db” folder, then it uses that database. If you are using LDAP integration, then it becomes more tricky, can’t help with that, but probably it still would be enough to copy /embedded-db and /conf folders to the new machine.

A hint: do not install into Program files on Win7/etc. Install into C:\Openfire