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Need to show the delivery status like whatsapp

Hi everybody,

I need to show the delivery status based on mark (single and double dick) like whatsapp. I got receipt ID from server after message delivered to end user. There after i don’t know what to do. Because, i’m not sending the any ID from sender side to end user. But i got receipt ID. i can’t able guess which message delivered to end user.

Ex. If i send 10 messages to end user. Each and every messages have unique ID, Even I too got 10 receipt ID. How do i compare message ID and Receipt ID. Can anyone help me.

Here my code. Delivery Receipt:

DeliveryReceiptManager dm = DeliveryReceiptManager.getInstanceFor(connection);


dm.addReceiptReceivedListener(new ReceiptReceivedListener() {

public void onReceiptReceived(final String fromid, final String toid, final String msgid, final Stanza packet) {

Log.i("From jid ",fromid.toString());

Log.i("To jid ",toid.toString());

Log.i("Receipt id ",msgid.toString());

Log.i("recipt ",packet.toString());



My Receipt id is:WJF2e-98


why don’t you assing packet id to message your self because if you don’t assing it then smack by default assign it and you will get receipts based on that that’s why you didn’t recognise of recipes of each message.

Try to assing unique d to each message and you will get receipts based on that and you can justify the delivered and read receipts.

Yeah, thanks for your warm support. i did it successfully. Now , i need to show the blue mark like whats app. here , we can show the double when the message received. I need to show the blue mark tick when user read the message which delivered. Would u help me…?

I think this is what you’re looking for. Smack apparently has support for this in the smack-experimental module.