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I am using openfire 3.5.1-1. I installed the spark web . When i try to login in to Sparkweb from my Local LAN than i am able to login but when i try to login out side from my LAN means WAN then i am not able to login . After some time i found that is was issue of port blocking through firewall. But which port? i don`t know. After that i allow 5222 and 7070 port from my firewall for outside network to my network but still i am not able to login. After that i allow that remote ip in my firewall for all tcp and udp ports than i am able to login from outside world. So please suggest me that which port i should open in my firewall so that my spark web will work fine for my outside users.

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Simple find in the forum:

Using the “embedded” web service ? Then port 9090 should do for you:

“In order for sparkweb to be accessable to external users you need to allow ports 5222 and 9090 on your external firewall or router to forward to your openfire server Once that is set up your users should be able to access sparkweb at http://externaladress:9090/plugins/enterprise/sparkweb/index.jsp

Read the thread for more

Dan in Colorado…

HI sunny

I want to hard code the server name in sparkweb and disable the server textbox ?

Can u help me in that, advanced thanks.