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Neos or Wildfire which is it?

Reading the forums, it would seem that Neos has an issue with WIldfire and it is centered on Neos. However writing the developers at NeosMT, they say the problem is with Wildfire. Can anyone tell me which one it is, Neos or Wildfire?

What is the issue?



Neos is disconnected after s certain amount of time, even when the xmpp.client.idle is set to 30 minutes. I have seen it a couple of times on the boards.

Hi Jeff,

I did see some strange behaviour after enabling Keep-Alive within Neos. It seems that it is only sent if you are Online. While when you are Free For Chat or Away it will not be sent.


Thanks IT I will have my two problem users try those options and see what happens.


I just checked and verified that Neos is sending keep-alives in whatever presence its set.

What I think the problem might be is that Neos sends its keep-alives only after a period (the one set in the configuration) of network, not only ouput, but it has to be of input as well inactivity.

So, even if a user isn’‘t sending a thing over the TCP connection, while something is sent to him, presences for instances, neos doesn’‘t send keep-alives. The reason behind this is that neos’’ keep-alives were added to neos as a mechanism for proxys and switchs which checks both directions of a connection.

Gaston, In the above scenario would wildfire close a neos connection ? that is, a connection that is only receiving but not sending.