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Nested groups

We are in the process of evaluating new IM server/clients and Openfire looks awesome. There is one feature however, that we must have and that is nested groups.

Is that possible and would it take a lot of work?

I’m uses nested AD groups without any problem. what are you trying to accomplish with your groups?

I work for a group of hospitals and we would like to have users broken down by hospital and then by department. However, from the GUI I can not create a group and then add other groups as members. Unfortunately, AD intigration will not work for this as we will be organizing the users different than the way they are in AD.

It would also be nice if I could have users directly under parent groups.

gotcha. Yeah, I’m using nested groups in AD for authentication and not for roster groups.

Depending on a client you can use virtual nested groups. Say for the Spark you can name shared group in Admin Console like “Hospital1 :: Department1” (without the quotes) and in Spark it will visually appear like Department1 is a child group of Hospital1. There are still some bugs with Spark nested groups implementation, you can find them filed in the JIRA. Other clients use other symbols as separators (e.g. Exodus using “/”).

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wroot…thats good info! I had no idea!

Thank you very much wroot. That works great so far. We are using the Spark client (2.6.3). I’ll go look at the bugs right now.

Some: SPARK-709, SPARK-946

There will be no one fixing this nested group issues in the near future. Either you live with it of commit a developer to fix it.

I use jitsi as my xmpp client, do you know what symbol jitsi use as separators?

I can’t find any useful info in jitsi.

No, i don’t know if Jitsi has such setting at all. I don’t think you can find such information here. Try contacting Jitsi developers somehow (i know it is hard, they live in the past age with mailing lists… )

thanks,i will try it.

How can i get nested group from openfire?

I’ve add some group and nested group from openfire admin console, and i can get all groups from XMPPConnection.getRoster().getGroups(),but it does’t contain any subgroup info, all groups are the same level.

You can’t have nested groups in Openfire itself. Openfire doesn’t have support for real nested groups (sub groups). The only way is a fake nested group if client supports that (like Exodus or Spark, with special separators).