.NET/C# support for Openfire

Hi all,

I have installed openfire 3.5 on my machine.

We are planning to develop/customize client with Openfire server.

I want to know,

  1. Do we need Openfire API’s to develop/customize xmpp based Client application. or are the XMPP client API’s are not dependent on XMPP server implementation?

  2. If so, are there any .NET/C# based OpenFire API’s exposed which we can to use for our development/customization. I see Java support.

  3. Where can i find list of API’s/Services exposed by OpenFire, which can be used from external interfaces.

Thanks in Advance.



XMPP is an open protocol, feel free to use any xmpp library that suites your needs. http://www.xmpp.org/ has lots of good information about the protocol, feel free to ask here if you find something and are unsure if openfire supports it. Openfire supports a lot of the protocol extensions.

Hi Shridhar,

http://www.jabber.org/libraries lists some C# libraries for XMPP clients.

Igniterealtime.org does not offer c# libraries but as you can use any compliant XMPP client this is not a problem.