New 2.6.2 server up and running....kind of

I have been able to get the server installed and have both internal and external clients connect successfully. I have also installed and started the wildfire service. Where my problem lies is in keeping the server running. When logged in to the 2003 server that is running Wildfire, there is a Wildfire GUI window open. When this window is open everything works perfect, if the window closes (i.e. logged off ) it breaks all Wildfire connections.

What have I missed to enable Wildfire to run as a pure service in a 2003 environment and not have an account logged in to keep the Wildfire server up?


Look under ‘‘Windows Service’’ section of the installation guide. You need to install the service, then you should be good to go.


I had already followed those steps during initial installation. However, after your post I went back and did some playing around and found that if I have the GUI service open and it is closed at log off, it appears to stop (perhaps it stops the windows service at launch of the GUI?) the windows service thus closing connections down.

I made sure to start the service (and double check that it is set to start automatically) and not[/u] open the GUI panel. After log off, it continued to function correctly.