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New account, need to use sparks at work for 100+ people help

I use to have sparks at a previous job at a call center and loved it, i now work at another call center and i hate having to go from person to person to gets answers etc

i am showing my main boss this site tomorow to try to have him expand it through out the whole call center…which is alot of people.

If he likes the idea where do i go from there to set everything up for all the reps to be able to access this.

someone please help me and thank u in advance


Hi Monika,

Howdy, can u please explain your problem specifically ! what is your intention ? kindly send your queries briefly. i will assist you about this issue.

Do u want to connect mulitple Instant messengers client at a time. if so , explain it briefly.



It sounds like you will need to download and create an Openfire server, then after that is all set up and functioning correctly, you would then need to push out spark to all of your clients. BAM! all set!


I assume that the call center has a small IT department and they should be able to setup and run Openfire. As it runs on Unix or Windows, supports multiple database engines and LDAP it may integrate very good into the existing IT infrastructure.

Installing clients for 100 users may be the harder job but also this can be done.