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New Bug: Creating Rooms

Hello found a new bug…

When creating conference rooms the room gets created as with an owner with a mal-formed JID…

should be:




I just confirmed this does not happen when creating a room from exodus…

Hey Joe,

I’'m not sure I understand the problem you are seening. I created a new room at jivesoftware.com using Spark and I got the following packets:


Could you give me an example of what you are doing and the info you are getting or seeing? BTW, you can press F12 to open the Spark Debugger.


– Gato

This is from the SMACK DEBUG WINDOW… Now the domain name on the server is:


but you should notice that owner of the room is:


helpdesk01 is the hostname of my computer

it seems to cause an error when trying to join it later… since the domain helpdesk01.methodsmachine.int is not a valid domain on the server…

The JM admin console shows the same owner…

Hey Joe,

Since JM is adding the user that sent the initial presence as the room owner, I would say that the user that you are using is logged as jsherman@helpdesk01.methodsmachine.int. I cannot check or confirm that from the packets that you posted. Could you check if your user is logged as jsherman@helpdesk01.methodsmachine.int? You may check the iq BIND packet returned by the server which specifies the JID of your logged user.


– Gato

I am assuming this is the packet you are speaking of:

as you can see, no hostname in the JID… Any ideas now???