New Chat Messages are not appearing

I have recently faced an issue where new messages that are sent in the chat are not appearing. Every time I have to switch room and come back to see the message. It stopped happening after I restarted OpenFire Service. Any idea what could be causing the issue and why restarting it resolved it.

I also checked OpenFire logs at that time. But they were fine.
OpenFire Version 4.6.8
Hazelcast Plugin 2.5.0
Monitoring Service 2.2.1
Rest API 1.6.0

Openfire version 4.6.8 is very old. Please see if the problem persists after updating to the latest release.

Does it affect other users? What client do you use? Does the problem persist if you use a different client?

We are planning to update it soon.

  1. Also, this issue happened briefly for all users.
  2. We are using Strophe.js for communicating with the OpenFire server,
  3. Did not tried it with other client. As this happened briefly and didn’t occurred after restarting OpenFire.