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New form of spam in the forums

In the recent hours someone (or something) has spawned dozens of new accounts (few words linked together and a few numebers on the end, e.g. paupearlinkting1618 ). Usually these accounts just copy some older messages. Most of the time they look like actual questions or replies, so it would be hard to fight. Not sure why someone will do this, obviously not for the money. This is just an attack to flood the forums… I have disabled account registration for now. Will wait for a day or two and disable all the recent accounts with the same pattern.

Strange though. When i check the messages posted by them in Jive SBS admin console, then it shows a pile of advertising stuff and links. But in the forums there are only copies of other users’ messages. It is like they post and then edit and deletes the actual message with the copy or something.

It’s pity SBS doesn’t have massive acc delete option. There are dosens of users with email @s-e-arch.com

join the chat?

Yea, I got some as well, my SA marked them as SPAM all right. Re deleting accounts - can’t you do that from SBS’ backend? SQL?

LG does have a script for this [snip]

Accounts registration now needs approval from the moderator. Lots of work as there are tens of new accounts every day. Also they all look suspicious to me now…

how about introducing reCaptcha(or something a little less annoying) to the account registration page

Registration is managed by Jive SBS (forums, documents, blogs backend) and i don’t think we can modify it. LG has submitted requests to Jive to isolate external links, so they won’t be indexed by search engines and then it would be no sense for such hidden SEO spam.

“Abuse Settings / Automatically hide content after 1 report” is now enabled.

So there is a small chance that moderators get new tasks to approve or reject content.

Approve=Show the thread.

Reject=Hide the thread, moderators can still see the thread.

Instead of “reject” it may be more easy to disable the user and delete all messages of the user.

Well, we can leave it like that. Though i don’t think it will help a lot with the SEO spam, as people won’t be able to tell whether it is spam or not. Usually i get not many regular abuse reports. And 90% of them are about spam. But some were just assumptions. Even one my reply was once reported as something bad. If one finds out about this, then this option can be abused too (hiding threads and posts). Of course it will be reported and then you can restore the threads and ban be abusing account. But… Anyway, we can test it this way.

I did lock three users so far and deleted their messages. Anyhow I did not get a single spam notification.

Let’s try the interceptor. It should intercept all external links and put messages in the moderation queue.

We have less than one post each day with external links, most times it’s a copy&paste of the admin console.

Ok, lets try it.

Looks like it treats local links like external too. http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/221066#221066

Well, i’m getting a bit tired of approving my own messages, because almost every of them contains links to forum threads, docs, etc. So far about 10 legal approvals and 1 spam.

Can’t set up users who are pre-approved?

You’re posting too much (;

Hopefully we can get this (see pic) installed soon. Anyhow I need to test things first.


looks interesting, you can safely put me behind wr00t

I see that our SBS already has User Whitelist in the Link interceptor (i have tried to add few users). What about disabling it for now? I have not seen much spam for a long time (1 out of 20 approvals maybe).