New IM Gateway | Openfire Xfire Protocol Plugin

hello everybody!

first i must say congrats to openfire, its great! easy to install, simple to use and everything is working without problems.

i thought about how and if i could implement Xfire Protocol Support to my openfire jabber server.

gateway plugins didnt got the protocol so i looked around the net to find some usefull information.

first i checked out the xfire wiki

if you look at the page you will see that they allready have multi-protocol messenger plugins

and right below i found this [quote]

Open source protocol libraries

These libraries offer developers a way to write software to access the Xfire network, without having to write supporting code to handle the protocol, from scratch.

An open source (LGPL licensed) Java API and suite of tools for accessing the XFire instant messaging network.
An open source library written in C++ which implements the Xfire Protocol. Based upon it is a Jabber gateway to Xfire (XFireGateway) which also implements GOIM extensions to the Jabber protocol.[/quote]

first i thought wow my openfire support xfire?!?!!!

but its something different.

check out openfire here:

and the xfirelib

im sure its possible with one of these two to make OUR openfire xfire compatible.

but yet im not a very good developer and wont be able to do it.

so if you are bored or take the challenge please code something!


I suggest you to contact Daniel at (Kraken is the new version of IM Gateway) and ask about XFire support. As there are this OpenFire Java API available, maybe this is possible to make Kraken support XFire.