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New install / OpenFire LAN configuration

I just started running an Openfire server on my LAN just for development purposes. It’s not accessible from the internet.

The Openfire Server is running on a Bitnami Linux Appliance in a VM, and is being administrated via the WebUI.

I’m running two Jabber clients for testing purposes.

Client A is Xabber running on an Android phone.

Client B is a Thunderbird Chat client running on a Linux Desktop PC.

I don’t have a local DNS server (other than my little OpenWRT router) and so I have no way of properly setting up SRV records, etc. I configured the DOMAIN settings on the and both clients to be the local IP address of the server.

I’m having strange problems, like one client will show up offline, when it is not.

Sending a message from Client B to Client A works great, but Client A cannot respond.

When Client B disconnects and them reconnects, it will get all of the messages previously sent by Client A which didn’t make it through.

Sometimes when Client B tries to connect, it happens instantly. Other times, it just sits there trying to establish encryption.

All of the above is not always reproduceable.

Going with my gut, this feels like a server config issue, and I suspect it has to do with the DNS and DOMAIN stuff.

Can anyone help me out with server settings on a LAN with no real DNS present?

Xabber is known to have problems with Openfire Xabber Delivering only one way chat . Try some other client. Say Yaxim. Though it hasn’t been updated for a while also. There is also Conversations, if you can get it for free (you can build it) or you can buy it in Google Play.

Well, now I know. Thanks!