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New Jabber CLient

We have just launched a new jabber client for testing. It can be downloaded at http://www.yambi.com. It works well with Openfire. It is part of a Unified messaging platform called Yambi

Looks great, and it has voip or audio support; i don’t really care for video support, but I would like to have whiteboard and desktop sharing features more.

Thanx. If you download it you will notice that it is more than a jabber client. It is a Unified Messaging System. Many other features are still in the Lab. As it is out for beta testing, we would appreciate it if you could download it and help us fix the bugs. Yambi java mobile client is coming soon with also Email and IM aggregation, texting over IP and more. It can be downloaded at http://www.yambi.com

Thanx. Would you please help us and post your request on our Forum. That will help us keep the list for requested features. http://www.yambi.com

It has got a audio support at this stage. Many other features are still in the pipelines. At this stage, you can aggregate all your email accounts, create voice mail, send and receive files, chat and computer to computer call. All your messages history is kept both in your jabber server and in your local Yambi server.