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New LDAP Group not showing up in Client

I’m setup to use LDAP on the server.

We created a new group in our Jabber Groups folder in AD.

The Web Console sees the new group and the members of it. However when I log on with a client I’m unable to see the new group as part of my list of Groups.

I tried my own account and an account I made just for this new group. I have restarted the service. Is there something obvious as usual that I’m forgetting?



Did you share the group? It needs to be shared to show in the client. Even then the client needs to be restarted sometimes for it to show.

Yes, Thank you.

I knew it had to be something simple.

It had the dot on shared but I hadn’t put a name on the blank right there.

I put the name and clicked the save and I heard the Group populate.

Thanks a ton,