New Mastodon service for the Ignite Realtime community!

Some of you might already have followed along with the discussion on this in the open_chat chatroom, but: the Ignite Realtime community now has its own Mastodon service at! This service is graciously sponsored by Free Solutions Sàrl - a big thank you to Claude and his team!

The idea is to have a Mastodon service with accounts from like-minded people with regards to open source / open standards real time collaboration. That way, both our local as well as federated timelines should become more applicable to us, as the users of this service, as compared to one of the larger, generic servers that are out there. Also, decentralizing by moving away from some of those gigantic services is a Good Thing©®!

We are inviting our community members to join! If you don’t have a Mastodon account yet, or if you want an additional one, or want to migrate your existing account, please join us!

At least for now, this server is not accepting public sign-ups. While we are gaining experience with running a Mastodon service, we will limit new accounts to people from the community that we recognize. This will largely be based on the trust levels that software running our forum is assigning to people.

When you sign up on our Mastodon service, please use the same mail address that you used to sign up to our forum, so that we can cross-reference who’s who. It helps if you fill out your forum username in the answer to the “Why do you want to join?” question that’s part of the application. The approval process is manual, so please allow for some time for that to happen. If you think that we’ve missed your request (Mastodon doesn’t always send out notifications, it appears), please let us know by reaching out in the forum, or in the open_chat chatroom!

We are looking forward to hearing from you in the Fediverse!


Latest version of Pade has a Mastodon viewer that defaults to



Super cool !!! I will try out asap, congrats for that. Mixing Masto + Padé features is something very interesting very cool possibilities with that.

Thanks for doing it so quickly :slight_smile: