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New Nux release

Hey all,

New Nux release out, which looks like it has some very cool changes:



The site gives me blanc pages.

Update: Ok, works again.

Are you intending on using Nux in place of XmlPull? Are you actually already using Nux?

We’'re considering replacing XML Pull and dom4j with Nux as part of the Pampero work.



What is the reason to switch to Nux?

What you probably need is to use similar approach used in Tigase implementation. Then you can avoid openning one thread per client connection. You should go away from parsers which are using blocking streams as the data source. Then you will be able to manage much more concurrent clients on the same hardware.



MSN is using a very simple trick to scale. During the initial connection the client connects to the main server and receives a new IP address of a server that is going to handle any further processing. Like this MSN just needs to add more secondary servers to scale.

It is called Redirect Server in SIP architecture. XMPP has a posibility to do it too. Have a look at XMPP Core RFC and look for “see-other-host”:



– the server will not provide service to the initiating entity but is redirecting traffic to another host; the server SHOULD specify the alternate hostname or IP address (which MUST be a valid domain identifier) as the XML character data of the element.



Do all XMPP clients support the see-other-host? Because it would be a quick-win for pampero. Instead of programming connection managers and so on, an XMPP loadbalancer would at least allow production environments to scale. The loadbalancer would need to have some intelligence about which server is handling which user data or which rooms.