New Openfire plugin: ServerInfo


both showing 629.

ServerInfo 0.3 was released:

This is the ChangeLog:

Version 0.2.1 (never officialy released):

  • Improve logging and debugging.
  • Fix online users number bug (thanks Jason L from Ignite Realtime Forums for report).

Version 0.3:

  • Fix remove/update bug that requires Openfire restart (thanks again to Jason L).
  • New command “version” displays plugin version.
  • New command “openfire version” displays Openfire version.
  • New command “openfire host” displays Openfire hostname.
  • New command “openfire uptime” displays Openfire last started time.
  • New command “java version” displays Java version.
  • New command “total memory” displays total available memory to the jvm.
  • New command “free memory” displays free available memory to the jvm.
  • New command “used memory” displays used memory by the jvm.
  • New command “max memory” displays maximum available memory to the jvm.
  • New command “total memory num” displays total available memory to the jvm (in MB).
  • New command “free memory num” displays free available memory to the jvm (in MB).
  • New command “used memory num” displays used memory by the jvm (in MB).
  • New command “max memory num” displays maximum available memory to the jvm (in MB).

Due the bugs in older versions, updating is recommended, but it will require openfire restart (sorry about that).


New version was released.

Thanks for you help.

Marcelo Terres

So, as logging and debugging has been improved, how can we investigate why it is not working with 3.10.0 alpha?

Hi wroot.

I didn’t had time to implements debug completely, so I think this it’ll not be sufficient for your case.

New debugging was just to help me to solve the bugs related by Jonas L, that are related with the basic functions of script.

Off course, I release the new features too, but not the one you need right now.

I’ll let you know when it’s done. Maybe I’ll release a 0.3.1 version with complete debug.


Marcelo Terres

ServerInfo 0.3.1 released.

Besides small code fixes, I think that I corrected the issue related by wroot.

I recommend all users to upgrade.


Marcelo Terres

Hi wroot.

I think that now your issue was solved.

Please test it and let me know if it works.


Yes, now it works with 3.10.0.

Maybe uptime should show a value of how many days/hours/minutes Openfire is running?

Also in the readme you repeat last 4 commands twice.


About the readme, take a look again and you’ll see that the commands are different. Their purpose is to be used in PRTG or MRTG (via tcp connections) to create graphs.



Using MRTG (or a similar external graph software) may be fine for users who already use it. I assume that youdo much more with MRTG and Pythen than this and adding also Openfire graphs makes sense.

For me rrd4j would be the much better option as it requires no external software and could also run inside Openfire. As soon as you open source your plugin one could add this.

Thanks for your sugestion.

I’ll work in rrd4j approach. About open the source code, I’ll do it as soon as I finish the other features.



Hey everybody.

I just wanna tell you that I released ServerInfo Plugin source code.

You can find plugin information and source code link in the URL: (english)

I’ll mantain the plugin development in my free time.

Somebody ask me for rrd4j support. I didn’t have time to work on that yet, but any help I’ll appreciate.


Marcelo H. Terres

Openfire-BR owner mailing list

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I’m using ServerInfo 0.3.1 and have just noticed there is a menu entry “Server Informations” in the Users menu. It shouldn’t be there.


I didn’t notice it. I’ll fix it and release a new minor version.



It’s done.

ServerInfo and B9 updated.

But: you’ll need to remove old versions and restart openfire, then install the new versions. :frowning: Sorry for that.


It’s not critical, so i will wait for another scheduled server restart and update then

newest version

Not to rehash a really old thread but has anyone got this working on 4.5.0? or any of the 4.x versions? I just finally did my 3.10 to 4.5 move and I lost my user count for my monitoring software. :frowning:

How exactly are you connecting to openfire to get this information? I tried this on my server and it seemed to work:

<iq type='set' id='purplebd5296fa' to='laptop.local'>
	<command xmlns='' node='' action='execute'/>
<iq type='result' id='purplebd5296fa' from='laptop.local' to='admin@laptop.local/Laptop'>
	<command xmlns='' sessionid='mvsSLZVTxgbNR9v' node='' status='completed'>
		<x xmlns='jabber:x:data' type='result'>
			<field type='hidden' var='FORM_TYPE'>
			<field label='Number of Active Users' var='activeusersnum'>

I was trying to hit it on the port 4455 that was setup for CLI hits and could not connected. Also when you add the plugin to 4.5.0 it doesn’t give the restart icon so I thought it was broken. Let me go try this all again.

Openfire 4.5.1 is now out the door, please try with it.