New Openfire plugin: XMPP Web!

We are excited to be able to announce the immediate availability of a new plugin for Openfire: XMPP Web!

This new plugin for the real-time communications server provided by the Ignite Realtime community allows you to install the third-party webclient named ‘XMPP Web’ in mere seconds! By installing this new plugin, the web client is immediately ready for use.

This new plugin compliments others that similarly allow to deploy a web client with great ease, like Candy, inVerse and JSXC! With the addition of XMPP Web, the selection of easy-to-install clients for your users to use becomes even larger!

The XMPP Web plugin for Openfire is based on release 0.10.2 of the upstream project, which currently is the latest release. It will automatically become available for installation in the admin console of your Openfire server in the next few days. Alternatively, you can download it immediately from its archive page.

Do you think this is a good addition to the suite of plugins? Do you have any questions or concerns? Do you just want to say hi? Please stop by our community forum or our live groupchat!

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Does it a require a minimum server version?

Yes, 4.8.0 I believe.

Thank you good work ^^
Will it get translation support?

If you want the UI of the webclient to get translated in other languages, then this is something that you’ll need to talk over with the community that creates this client. You can find them here: domain to be the one that aught to be publishing it

Please add the ability for users to change password, forgot password, and the room owner to close the whole room and wipe the room while it’s still up with people in it.

If not, how do you have a page where users can get an email when they forgot password and to change it? I do not want to do this for people if it gets big.

Please note that the functionality of this particular client is provided by a third party. We are only wrapping their work in an Openfire plugin! Any suggestions or feature requests are best directed at the author of the client.

on the XMPP web, if you try to upload more than the 52MB transfer limit, you get a popup that says you can’t but that isn’t the issue, the issue is when you cannot send any messages at all unless you reload the page.

On iPhone or possibly all iOS devices, you cannot upload anything from the Photo Library as there is no way to accept that you want to upload what you want.

Choose File works though.

When I reboot the Ubuntu Server, all the stuff has to be reloaded otherwise no one can see the messages.

There is no alert saying it has to be reloaded. No messages go through or are received until that happens which could be bad later.

Again, this feedback is much better addressed at the author of the client than at us. There is precious little that we can do here.

Send the message please.

If you’re asking me to forward your requests to the authors of XMPP Web, then: no, I won’t do that.

This would put me in the awkward position of having to relay messages back and forth. Not only is that an inefficient use of my time, I’d also be risking to misinterpreting messages from either party, running the risk of misinforming the other.

The project page of XMPP Web (here, as linked to in the original post of this thread) includes a discussion venue. I would like to invite you to take your questions directly to them.

help install plugin

What do the Openfire server logs say, when you try to install the plugin?