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New Openfire Server and Database

I have successfully installed the Openfire server on a new server (Win 2008) and took a copy of the Openfire DB (SQL 2005) to the new SQL server. Everything looks like it is working fine and almost all the information is pointing to the new Openfire and SQL server. I noticed in the Admin console under the “xmpp.domain” is showing the old server name. This is difficult to understand because the old Openfire solution housed both the Openfire server and the SQL database. I was wondering what should be in that entry? The Openfire server or the Database server? Any help would be great.

Hi Adam,

the xmpp.domain should match the domain which the clients are using when they connect. You must not change it, otherwise you may break the admin console login and all rosters.

So it would be a good idea to update the DNS record and make sure that the xmpp.domain points now to the IP address of the new server. This may be difficult if you did really use the operating specific server name as the old server may still be active.