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New Plugin

I have just posted a new plugin called “User Service.”

The plugin provides the ability to programmatically add/delete/modify user accounts from a separate application.

It works in a similar fashion to the Presence plugin. You submit add/delete/modify requests over http to the user service plugin, and it returns the result of your action in an XML string.

Hopefully some of you will find it useful.

Justin Hunt


I don’'t know that forum user can post their own plugins here. Or are you a developer here,justinhunt ?



i think, he ment he mailed this plugin to developers and they have posted it.

BTW, should be an announcement in News forum;)

Hi Justin,

does this plugin solves JM-404 and implements JEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands and JEP-0133: Service Administration or is this something completely different?


I just sent the plugin to Matt Tucker after I had written it, and after a few requested changes he posted it for me. So no, unfortunately I am not on the payroll.

I did think about implementing some of those JEPs, the existence of which would have circumvented the need for this plugin, but I needed the functionality for my own project fast. So I chose a more pragmatic option. As such no new JEP is implemented by the plugin.

However though it is pretty simple, it does the job quite nicely.

Any chance this plugin could be enhanced to add users to groups and conference rooms?

Hi, I’‘m currently looking at this plugin and although it’'s nice as people noticed it lacks features like group management and also the channel that it uses to expose itself to the world is not the best one. It should either be as ad-hoc commands or (I belive this is better) exposing itself as a jndi resource. That way the consumers could instantiate it and perform the actions transparently.


Is it possible to make JNDI work over a network connection? I haven’'t seen that done in the past. In any case, definitely post whatever specific ideas you have for the plugin so that we can get them recorded.



I’‘m not sure if JNDI can get you a resource over the net (but why not?). However I said to myself, here we have a service that we need to distribute. Service, distribute, service, distribute… Web Service! So I used some JSR 181 goodness and the XFire WS stack and programmed this cute little web service ( http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=19928&tstart=0 , not the first trial that builds on top of the userservice plugin, that didn’‘t work but the second one). If you use the userservice plugin you might decide to change the package or class name. As I said feel free to modify, make more robust and secure. I’‘ve returned void in order not to block the client threads and I’'m sure it would be trivial to extend it and add more useful semantics. This approach makes the wildfire server open for usage for apps written in java, .net and php in a blink of an eye. Many more services could be exposed this way as well and I hope to see some in the next release.

Please make the web app available as a m2 project (wildfire itself as well), that way we can generate eclipse projects in a easy fashion, I didn’'t manage to program and debug plugins/components because the available instructions are broken and too complex.