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New red5 flash phone

on the last few days I worked on the red5phone component for do some impotents.

as usual Dele was a great help.

i fixed few bugs in the sip stack (MjSip) like adding cnonce to authentication header when proxy replay with qop= auth like the standard say.

I added handling for OPTIONS messages (some sbc will send OPTIONS message for checking call are alive).

I made new click2call in Flex when the sip account is hardcoded in the Flex object, I did it because if I publish my click2talk button on public web site i don’t want the caller to see the sip account details in the html/php source code of the page.

together with Dele we add external Dial function to the Flash object so you can create your own phone book and click some link (phone number) to be dial in the phone.

I Fixed some problem of the Flash stop sending voice from the microphone if there is reRegistration of the client during a call (the mic init is bind to SUCCESS mesage after Register is success and its not a good place to init mic).

fix of the application close function to let the sip client to complet unregister before close…

My chalange for all of you now is as followed:

I am looking for someone that can make the flash phone to work from Mobile device using Flash Lite 1.1/2.0 as player or Flash 7 from pocket pc.

i will give Dele to publish soon all the new changes I made. (so just wait a bit instead of asking it from me one by one).


Sebastian Wagner has joined the Red5phone project and will release an Openlaszlo version of the Red5phone very soon. This should work in Flash 7. I wil update this post when it becomes available

that is very good news, look like I need to start learn openlaszlo

i wonder what it will need to work also on Flash lite? just imagine all Nokia’s phones sudenly have voip with no any Symbian application.