New shared group user not appearing in same group members roster


In my Sparkweb-Openfire implementation, whenever a new user logs in it is automatically registered and added to a shared group ‘Clients’. The problem is that ‘Clients’ members that are online dont see the new user appear in their roster.

Do i need to explicitly add subscription to the presence of the new user, to the members of the shared group? if so how can i do that?


The new user should appear after some time. Spark and Sparkweb do not update the roster list as often as they should.

The new user does not appear, i’ve waited for 5 minutes and nothing…, if i hit refresh (re-login) the roster has the new user.

Can anybody reproduce the correct behaviour?

Any ideas about what i could possibly have broken ?


If the user is there on re-login the you did nothing wrong. A re-login causes a manual re-query of the openfire shared groups lists. Spark can take hours to do this on its own. There is nothing you can do short of fixing the openfire and spark code to make them detect the changes more regularly.