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New shortcut called starter in Start menu

I just noticed a new item under Spark in the Start Menu called starter. I think it appeared after recently installing 2.0.5. It points to “C:\Program Files\Spark\starter.exe.” Can anyone share some information about why it’'s in the Start menu, what it does, etc? Thanks.


I did never install Spark 2.0.5 but I expect that starter.exe is launched when you click xmpp:foo@jabber.server (ok, the forum fails to display this as an URL) to pass a running Spark instance the JID. So it makes sure that only one Spark instance runs.


I was asked this same question by one of my network admins and didn’‘t have a good answer for him. Could someone from Jive confirm the purpose of starter.exe? LG’‘s guess satisfied my curiousity, but I’'d like additional confirmation so I provide good information to my support teams.

My firewall yells about starter.exe accessing the network then i do a first logout in new Spark version. So i think it’'s used to show login screen after logout.