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New spark user

The help documents do not sem to have this information. Maybe too simple.

Click user to send instant message

enter message

click twice sent

they read … then what

we wantt everyone still one line, all day.

do they minumize,

click the corner x?

is there an icon tosay got it… clear the screen now?

can you clear the hisory

is it desireable to do so?

how to get rid of most icons so that we cna concentrte on sending, reafing a message and staying alive for the next one?

They can close their chat window when they are done reading. The program stays running. They can even close the roster window. To exit spark you need to choose to exit spark from the roster Spark menu. You can turn off chat history in the preferences of the spark client. Some users may want the history for reference, or if they accidentally close a chat window. Getting rid of the icons is not so simple. You would need to compile a custom version of spark.