New to openfire

hello i am new openfire. and would like some help as i am a noob. i want to make a xmpp/jabber server vey much. so pleaser help.okay here goes my questions

what do i do after installing and how do i make it live? without using DNS from website (sorry forgot the name of them)

How would i make it use my DNS on my pc or Home hub?

Do i edit stuff on my pc? like here C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

or do i edit my pc name and its DNS prefix? or both maybe. sorry again. i just really wanna be able to do this!!!

If you want you server to be accessible via its name, then there is no other way than using external DNS (if you have internet domain) or some dns service like dyndns, etc. Also, you have to have an external IP on that home PC.

external IP what do you mean? like

No. 192.168.. is an internal IP address. I haven’t used dyndns or similar service myself, so can’t give you any direct instructions. There should be an option to tie your PC to a dyndns domain name.

thats what i mean. i use “cmd” and i get

So i use trhat then? what i mean is how do i connect to it? because i tried to connecting to another server.

buty i cannot

If you only have an internal IP, then it should be difficult. I maybe wrong, but i’ve heard that dyndns provides a program whcih is running on a PC and connects with dyndns server. But maybe it is only useful if IP is dynamic and changes over time, so it then sends to dyndns server a new IP. Not sure if it can help with the internal IP.

dude just tell me what you did lol. i am confused

I’ve said that i haven’t used this myself. Try it yourself.

then why are you giving me advice? LOL

you can see your external ip for example on the site: