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New to Spark - Can''t Connect At All

Hey, I’‘m new to spark and it’'s installed OK we even have our own server running which has been tested and works.

I’‘ve installed it on a client machine and i can’'t get connected AT ALL! We are behind a proxy, but i have all the correct settings entered but still nothing.

I’‘ve tried to login on my account and i get the error… Can’'t connect to server: invalid name or server not reachable

i’'ve tried it on my server which is school.local also tried it on jabber.org and pandion.be but all give the same error message. When i try to create an account it says Authenticating for a few seconds then says unable to connect to jabber.org or whatever server i enter.

I’‘m guessing it’'s because we are behind a firewall but all the settings are correctly entered. In the General tab on Advanced there is sections for host/port is there anything i can try in there??

Any help appreciated. =)


Spark does as far as i know a proxy to download updates and for the translator plugin. But it can’'t use it to connect to a XMPP server. You could try on the command line:

nslookup jabber.org

telnet jabber.org 5222[/b]

and see if you get a connection and then enter


to get a reply. If you can’‘t resolve the name (nslookup) or can’'t connect you have a network problem.


Sorry, wrong thread…

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