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New to Spark messenger

I have a company and it’s growing by the day. I need a good messanger that I can manager. I downloaded this program but no clue how to make it work.

It’s saying I need a server. I have a dedicated server is that it? how can I create a server so my workers can connect from home or from the office? I need to get started so please help me. I have more then 50 workers.

Spark is an XMPP chat client. It was designed to work with the Openfire XMPP server but can be used with any XMPP server. To make it so your usrers can connect from home your Chat server would need to accessible from outside your network with a re FQDN such as chaserver.domain.com (substituting domain.com for your real domain). You can put the XMPP server on the inside of you network and forward the required ports from your outside IP to your inside IP.

in my point of view, this IM need a server doesn’t mean a dedicated server, but it is good to have one, server for openfire is mean that every chat client have to connect to the server to get connected to everyone else. as your question. I’ll try to answer according to my experience.

  1. You can install openfire to any server (physical server) or other server that you already have.
  2. If you want to publish your IM server to Internet, you might have to :
  • Dedicated Link to Internet
  • IP Public to internet
  • Firewall or something to translate private ip to public ip
  • And a host name that exist to internet (domain or so).
    Sorry if I’m wrong, cause that the way I published my IM server, and it worked