New to xmpp dev, general question about OpenFire

Hello! I hope this is the right forum to be asking this question. I would like to pose a general question, if possible.

I am thinking about a personal project around a chat application (iphone/android) with OpenFire as the xmpp chat server.

Functionality wise, I am hope to have the following functions:

  • user account create from client

  • user login/logout

  • user can see other online users (even without adding as a friend)

  • user can filter the online user list according to various critera (maybe age, location, etc)

Would OpenFire be suitable for these needs? Does it support these things “out of the box” or would I need significant customization or plugin development in order to do the above?

My apologies for the general question, but any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

Seeing online users without adding them could require custom changes, as by xmpp standards you have to be authorized by a user to see his status. Filtering by some criteria is up to a client. Openfire support vCard, which can store lots of personal information. Not sure about the age though, but probably it is there also, or you can extend it.