New User basic questions

A few basic questions which I have not found in the discussions:

What are Component Sessions and why would I want to allow them to connect to my XMPP server?

What about Server Sessions? Why would I want to allow them?

Maybe off topic but: What are IM gateway registrations and why do I not see any in the IM Gateway Plugin/Registrations Section?

Thanx in advance!

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Component Sessions

This are sessions of external components, e.g. the pyTransports (pyICQ, pyMSN, …)

Server Sessions

May your server be known “”. One of your users, “” has a contact “” in his contact list. If your user is online, an server session to “” will appear. You should allow them if you want that your user can talk with contacts on other servers.

IM gateway registrations

That are users that are registered with your Gateway plugin. I think you have to enable it before anyone can register with it.

Could you further define “pyTransports” and how they relate to the XMPP server?

Also, I have enabled the IM gateway, have it configured and am able to chat using the Pidgin client and my MSN account with other MSN users but still see nothing when I try to view registrations. I am further confused in that it appears as though I must define the registrations in the “registrations” section of the admin console.

redo from start?

The IM Gateway plugin is for chat clients the do not have native support for legacy chat (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc). Pidgin supports those chats natively and does not need gateways. Spark chat client needs the gateway plugin to work with legacy chats. Using spark would show registrations for the gateways in openfire.

Could you further define “pyTransports” and how they relate to the XMPP server?

Just like the Gateway-Plugin the pyTransports are transports to other IM-Networks. Unlike the Gateway-Plugin the pyTransports are external and can run on another server if you want.