New users do not show up until restart


I’'m running a chat server using a Postgresql database.

When I add a new user, they’'re automatically added under the ‘‘users’’ category in the admin console, however, when i add the user to a particular group in the jivegroupuser, The admin console is not updated untili i either restart my entire server or stop/start the wildfire service under administrative tools.

What i want to know is if there is a way to update the Groups summary without having to restart my server or start and stop the wildfire service?

Note: New users can still chat, they just cant be seen in the chat list.

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do you use the admin console to add users and to add them to groups or SQL?

Wildfire caches the database so you may need to purge Wildfire’'s cache if you are using SQL.


Thank you.

I am using SQl and that worked.

However, is there anywhere i can put code which will prompt the cache to be cleared everytime i add a new user?


you could set the cache expirationTime to a low value. See for a list of the System Properties which you may set.