New Whack release?

It’s been some time since Whack 1.0 - almost two years now - and there’s the ClassNotFoundException problem when used together with the latest Tinder release reported in this thread.

On the other hand, the SVN snapshot seems to work fine, so can we expect a new Whack release anytime soon?

I thought I’d give this question a bump since it’s been over a year since it was asked. I just started using Whack and Tinder in a project I’m working on (they’re awesome, by the way), and while the latest SVN snapshot works just fine, it would be nice to have an official release.

Is the lack of a Whack release due to another product covering the same functionality (doesn’t seem like it) or just lack of manpower? In case of the former, is there a better option for building external XMPP components (I can’t use a server plugin - it’s got to work with multiple XMPP server products), or in case of the latter, what (if anything) can be done to help out around here?

I will take a look and see what it will take to make a release from the existing code. If I can simply create a build and go through the admin hoopla I will try to create an official release in the next week or two.

Awesome - that would be great. It seems like the version of Tinder that’s checked in under the Whack trunk in SVN build is not the latest released version (as noted in the post - it looks like it works with Tinder 1.2.1? - so I don’t know how much trouble that will cause.

I anyhow have the feeling that the development around whack is somewhat dead. We have decided to use OpenFire/Smack/Whack in a big project, but I somehow regret this decision. The support is this forum is not very good and the documentation really lacks behind what one can call a good documented project. It feels a little bit like JBoss or Liferay where you also get everything for free but need comercial support to get things running.

My latest problem is to get Whack running with Tinder 1.2.3. The IQ classes are different. Do I need to check out from trunk to get Whack running with the latest Tinder?

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I am sorry you are regretting that decision, but you are correct in that Whack does not have any active development. It has been about a year since the last checkins. That being said, it is a fairly small code base and I am sure we can get your patches applied, if you were so willing to fix the problems you encounter .

I would suggest trying the latest build from trunk as you suggested.

Now I need to get around to investigating a new version of Whack as I promised. First I have a Smack release to deal with though.

Deradam - I think you’re correct that Whack development is obviously on life support, but the trunk/latest in SVN is still better than any other XMPP Component development library I could find in the wild. Even if a new release doesn’t come out, I’m pretty happy using what’s there. You’re correct that Tinder 1.2.3 doesn’t work with Whack 1.0.0, but if you pull the latest source and roll your own library, it uses Tinder 1.2.2. The only problem I see so far is that there’s a stuck thread when you shut down an app using Whack, but I’m not 100% this isn’t my problem. If it is a Whack problem, Robin, I’ll be sure to submit the fix back to you guys, along with anything else I might come across.

Hey rcollier,

thanks for your quick response. I mean, Openfire is really doing a good job in our probject (as you all do in the development), but overall I have the feeling that a lot of questions in the forum are left without any reaction or answers. This makes it hard to get help and it gives the impression of the project being dead.

Anyhow, I did build the trunk and compiled it agains tinder 1.2.3 (which is already in the maven repo but not even mentioned on the webpage, which states 1.2.2 still the latest version). It all seems to work and my external component indeed runs.

My main issue here is to receive all presence information from openfire from all users. Is that possible at all? I have overridden the handlePresence method from AbstractComponent but it seems that nothing is received by my component. Do I miss something here?

Btw. I did already contribute a patch to whack some (long) time ago. The bug was in version 1.0 and it has been fixed but never released in a new version (see

Maybe you could help me out with this issue please!

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Hi Andy,

I agree that the igniterealtime stuff is really good and I also really appreciate the availability as OSS. But OSS also requires support to the community and also by the community. I think that this issue could be paided more attention. If I will face the same problem with the hanging thread, I will come back to you



2.0.0 is here!

Took us seven years, but hey.