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Newbe question


Guess this is one of the dumb question here at this forum , but I ought to ask it

What would be the easiest way of checking the Jive Messanger Application ?

I’'ve just installed the server software , and looking for some sort of client Apps that would allow me to form a basic IM sesstion and use the presence service of the Jive server.

I’'m mostly interested in checking the Presence behaviour of the Server (e.g. changing and getting Peer Status ) as well as the IM App itself.

hm… Apps? You mean jabber clients? Maybe this can help you:


Personally i’'ve tested neos, Psi, GAIM, JAJC, Pandion, JBother, Miranda. And in our deployment we use Exodus now. You can check how presence works with any of them. Exodus has debugger (F12), so you can watch packets going to or from server. there is no client bundled with Jive Messenger if you are asking for this. there is only a client API called Smack. Some clients (JBother, WhisperIM, Yet Another Jabber Client) use Smack as basis.

BTW, have you launched Admin Console and created users and groups? You can watch some sessions’’ info directly in Admin Console.