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Newbee question about updating

hi @all,

first of all, u developed a f****ing good piece of software. it is doing a lot better than the commercial ones.

but i have one question. right now i run 2.1.5 version and i want to upgrade. i have about 25 users in 5 groups and it would be helpfull when i dont have to retype all information and passwords for them.

can u tell me what to care of when updating from the scratch.

tx a lot


Are you using the embedded database or an external one?

you can use the plugin userimportexport to export all the users and them import in the new one. but i think that this plugin (as the name says) don’‘t get the groups and the configuration of the server, it’'s for just the users.

if you are using an external DB (like mysql), you just have to backup the entire database to an file (backup.sql for example) and then import in the new instalation.



What OS are you usingm though it’‘s not very important. You should be fine just upgrading 2.1.5 > 2.2.0 or 2.2.1. Of course it’'s always recommended to make backups. Others have already adviced to use userImportExport plugin (i think it does export groups structure if you use Shared groups, but Ryan should comment that better) or backup your entire DB.

25 users? Heh, i have manually recreated 80 users and 16 groups DB yesterday. Took me a few hours