Newbie asking about Openfire/Spark/Node-XMPP

I am a totally newbie, trying to get my head around the structure and the difference between Openfire and other chat server out there.

If i understand correctly Openfire is a XMPP server thats written on Java, and if i am to complete a chat application, i believe i will need to add on Spark, but can i use javascript/html5 on top for a Webbrowser chat app?

I also see that there are offline message storage with a database. But what is the difference in Openfire and Node-XMPP??

Sorry if its a stupid question, trying to understand how it works.



Can’t answer all the questions. But you don’t have to use Spark. Any xmpp client (desktop, mobile, web, written in java or not) will work with Openfire.

Thanks for the reply! So i assume i can use something like And that talks to the openfire? And i assume with i can use that to detect offline users.

1 quick question, openfire stores offline messages?

I’m not a developer, but i hear people using strophe quite often in the forums.

Yes, Openfire stores offline messages by default. But there is storage limit set. You can change these settings in admin console.

Go for converse.js.