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Newbie - Changing Servers

Hi, new to Openfire / Spark, so been doing some tests on my laptop. Got SIP working (with some issues, but i’ll work on them). Now I want to load it on the server. I’ve done this, but how do I reconfigure my Spark client to look at this new server, I’ve uninstalled, but it ended looking at the old one still.

Running XP for Client (latest beta version)



Change the server in the Spark login screen.

I can’t belive what I did. I was having a stupid day and had autologin ticked, so it kept logging into the old server. Must not of had enough coffee that day.

Incidently where (other than the client) does it keep the info for autologin. I can’t find it in the registry and uninstalling & deleteing the folder doesn’t seem to reset the setting.

So, is the question answered? Then you can mark it as Answered.

Spark user settings are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Spark

In the preferences of spark you have an autologin checkbox. deselect this.

Then when restart the spark, put the new server url.

remember that in the new server you must have the same user and pass, and the sip well configured!!