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Newbie connection problem


I have succesfully installed JM server on my machine and i have successfully connected many different clients from my machine to JM server (gaim, exodus, psi).

But what i can’'t do is to connect clients from other machines to my JM server. Is that possible? how can I do that?

The JM server name is mymachine.mycompany.nl and my plans is that machines from the same network (machineX.mycompany.nl) could connect.

Besides I would also like to connect from my adsl network at home for example.

Is this related to the s2s service?

could someone guide me with this issues?


Let’‘s see if I’‘m deciphering this correctly. Your trying to setup a standalone JM server and allow clients to connect? I thought this was what JM was created for in the first place. he he S2S is actually something different. I’'ll explain at the end…

Ok, so you have your JM server (let’‘s call it serverX.) Next, we need to make sure that JM is running. I’'m using JM on a Windows 2003 server, but your setup might be different. If your running Windows, I would recommend installing it as a service. There is information on how to do this in the FAQ or you could just ask as many here on the board would probably know.

Now that you have verified JM is running, make sure that your JM ports are open. You need port 5222 for plain unencrypted socket (default for most users) and 5223 for SSL encrypted socket. Verify that you can connect from another computer within your network via Telnet. This is where DNS becomes important because of resolution.

Once you have verified that you can connect to the JM server through the specified port, you should be ready to go. Choose your flavor of client, (I used Pandion, but there are a multitude of others.) Make sure you have created an account within JM, try connecting machineX to serverX. If you are unable to connect using the FQN, try using the IP address instead. If the IP works, then there may be a DNS issue.

As for S2S, this was designed for 2 JM servers to interconnect. For instance, say you have serverX running 100 clients at your first location and serverZ running 100 clients at your second location. S2S allows bother serverX and serverZ to connect to eachother to allow a single flow of communication. Once the two are connected, users from serverX can communicate with users on serverZ as if they were all on one server. This also helps for load balancing because all the users are spread across several servers and not putting the load on a single system.

I hope I’‘ve provided some help. I tried to keep it as basic as possible. What we need to do is establish where the problem lies and then attack it. Try what I’'ve explained above, and see how it goes. Report back with any problems.

Thanks a LOT for your instructive information

I think my problem is that so far I haven’'t verified if the ports are opened… so I will work on that and let you know how it went…


And that was it! I had not yet opened the ports. I follow this step by step guide http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;308127 to open ports in winXP and that solved my dilemma… thanks once more for your guidance!

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